FILANGIERI CAPITAL PARTNERS has advised clients in the Unites States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our reach is extended through our special partnership with The Scowcroft Group.

THE SCOWCROFT GROUP is a premier international business advisory firm managed directly by Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor to Presidents George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford. With an unparalleled track record spanning nearly two decades, The Scowcroft Group has earned an international reputation among key political and industry decision-makers for our forward-thinking analysis and successful transactions. Our team of Principals brings extensive strategic planning and risk management experience in global business and government, coupled with extraordinary regional expertise in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Latin America.

In addition, FILANGIERI CAPITAL PARTNERS has special relationships with several financial institutions who provide large-scale equity and debt financing.  Portfolio companies and advisory clients may enjoy these relationships on a case-by-case basis if conditions meet respective investment committee criteria, but no promise of financing can ever be made.