Our Services

FILANGIERI CAPITAL PARTNERS makes investments deliberately and selectively.  We make minority-position investments in businesses at various stages from start-up to maturity that have the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted value creation for their shareholders as measured by economic profit.  Filangieri places great emphasis on the people who run our portfolio companies, their strategies, and their ability to execute operationally.  During our deal generation, investment thesis analysis, and due diligence, we examine macro trends such as political and economic forces that influence a given industry, and we examine the potential for bottom line value creation given our own leadership skills, relational strengths, and understanding of business operations and finance.  In our deal structuring and negotiation we work with management and co-owners specifically to make certain we have mechanisms and incentives in place through which we can deliver genuine value to the business, such as board representation.  In particular, Filangieri Capital Partners seeks investment opportunities in companies that have had success in their domestic market but need relationships, know-how, and capital for international expansion.

Our geographic focus is the United States, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.  Our sectors of interest, where we believe profitable growth can be expected based on our study of macro-economic and political trends, are:

• Aerospace & Defense and Homeland Security
• Information Technology and Telecommunications Data Infrastructure
• Financial Technology
• Contemporary Art
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Natural Gas Exploration
• Water Treatment and Purification