WIPO rules against IDRO Group in long-standing IP case and in favor of Richard Greco and Filangieri Capital.

On May 25, 2018 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled in favor of Richard Greco and against the Benedetti Family, EMWG, and Idro Group, affirming Richard Greco’s rights to the EMWG and IDRO domain and trade names. The WIPO decision also seems to support Richard Greco’s basis of grievance against the Benedetti Family. In their decision, WIPO writes: “It appears that the Respondent [Richard Greco] genuinely and reasonably believes he has a strong basis for complaint. While the Complainants [the Benedettis] have indicated they refute all the Respondent’s allegations fully, they have not advanced any positive rebuttal addressing, for example, why more than two years after the Shareholders Agreement was executed by the parties, the various promises made to the Respondent such as the transfer of a 40% shareholding . . . has not been implemented. . . [S]o far as the record in this case goes, the Respondent appears to have a reasonable basis for believing he has ground for his grievance.”