Our Ethics

FILANGIERI CAPITAL PARTNERS works with transparency and independence.  Our work is characterized by our:

Complete independence from any banking or financial institutions:  Filangieri offers uncompromisingly independent and conflict-free advice to our portfolio companies and our advisory clients.
Integrity: Filangieri expects its professionals to maintain the highest standards of ethics both professionally and personally.
Discretion:  Keeping the confidences of our clients and portfolio companies is one of the most important attributes of Filangieri and its professionals.  It is the foundation of trust.
Long-term relationships:  Filangieri builds multi-year relationships with its portfolio companies and advisory clients providing them with customized services specific to their needs. Our average investment horizon is five to ten years, and in some cases longer. We are long-term partners with managers, owners, entrepreneurs, and business families seeking to align the interests of all in order to build and expand great businesses, create jobs, and maximize value.
Strategic network:  Filangieri is able to propose and facilitate transactions and commercial arrangements for portfolio companies and advisory clients, taking advantage of our relationships in business, finance, and government.